So What Makes us so Special?

Ever so often, something awesome comes along. That is what we offer. Pure Awesomeness!

Leadership, Direction, and Vision


Most small businesses do not have the ability or the resources to compete in the same marketing arena, especially online, as the corporate powerhouses with their multi-million dollar advertising budgets. This leads them to use substandard services and rely on those services to eventually pay off in an effort to improve those services. This becomes almost cyclical because it is a never-ending outpouring of your capital, capital that you could be investing to other parts of your business or simply padding your bank account. 

We believe in setting up systems that will last your business and can easily scale as your business grows to limit the amount of future capital you have to invest in your online marketing needs. We believe in taking a consultative approach to find out what your business objectives are and putting together a complete framework to set your marketing on autopilot so you can focus on doing what it is that you love.

By taking this approach, we are able to limit your initial investment as well as your future ‚Äčexpenditures. It is our sole goal to have lifelong raving fans for customers. We don't JUST want you to be satisfied with our work; We want you to sing our praises to everyone you know and be invited to your openings when you open a new location - and not just because we like free food.


We will always deliver what we say, we will always produce results, and we will never overcharge. Sound too good to be true? Give us a shot and see for yourself! Contact Us to set up a free consultation.


Damion got started designing websites in the mid-90's. Before he was legally able to vote, he had already helped code (program) an algorithm for a popular search engine which was eventually scooped up by Yahoo!, after being acquired by Lycos. In 1999, shortly after moving back to his home town of Gulfport, he started getting serious about Internet Marketing. He could see the trends early on and positioned himself early to learn as much as he could so that he could be positioned as an expert in the industry. By 2003, he had already made over $500,000 with his efforts in the content marketing arena. About the same time, he bought his first house and saw a need in the Real Estate industry, as it was seriously lacking in technology so he got his real estate license, started dominating the search engines for the local market, and opened up his own brokerage in less than 2 years. During this same time, he also trained agents all over the country on how to use online marketing strategies to dominate their local markets.

Once his brokerage was in place and providing steady leads to his agents, he reverted his attention back to web development and online marketing. He also took some time to learn everything he could about direct mail and postal automation, even taking a position at the largest postal automation company in the world just to learn. Because of his knowledge in both arenas, he has consulted with more than 2 dozen Fortune 500 companies in either their online strategies or postal automation and has worked with numerous local companies as well. 

Damion has an unrivaled passion for working with the small business sector because all of his clients ‚Äčare truly grateful for the amount of value he provides both in his paid services as well as all of the free information he sends out.

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