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Your Business is Important to us!

Damion Flynn 

We help businesses like yours get more customers and increase customer spending using state-of-the-art website technologies, internet marketing strategies, direct mail, and dynamic response marketing.
We can also consult on a variety of topics including business development, business strategy, and can even help you leverage your business to create a tax-free retirement strategy.

View the Services page for our full service offerings or the About page to learn more about me and my vision. you may also check out my personal website.

Business Consulting

Websites and Marketing

We utilize web site design that is state-of-the-art in both its design and its ability to convert lookers into prospects. Our dynamic response marketing has proven, time and time again, to convert more prospects into paying customers and more customers into repeat customers. A combination of direct mail and online marketing can explode your company growth expectation.

Search Engines


We are experts in search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and social media marketing. In fact, all of our employees are Google Certified in multiple areas.
We can build campaigns that work cross-platform and even track your prospects in order to custom-tailor your offerings.

Consulting Services

We offer a variety of consulting services including business development, business strategy, nonprofit creation and funding strategy, and can even show you creative ways to leverage your business to create a tax-free retirement (because, really, who wants to pay taxes on their retirement money?).

To see more of our service offerings, please go to our Services page. To see our vision and experience, see our About page.

Our Company Mantra

We serve the area we live in and see our customers everywhere we go. We strive for excellence in all that we do and work by these simple points:

  • Treat our customers businesses as our own. We go the extra mile to show all of our customers in the best possible light, regardless of budget or scope of work.
  • Treat All customers with LOVE. Seriously. We really love our customers. Without you, we would just be a group of geeky tech guys talking about the latest Marvel movie. Okay, we still do that, but we really do appreciate and love our customers!
  • Train and Educate. We believe the best way to have great relationships with our business partners is to add a lot of value. That is why we give so much free information. We love it when we get feedback from customers (and even non-customers) that tell us how much they enjoy our tips, and how much they have benefited!
Why Work with Us?

We could probably list a hundred reasons why you should choose us, but at the end of the day, all of them can be summed up quite simply (plus, who has time to go through THAT list?)

  • No one cares about your business more than you. But, when you work with us, we are a VERY close second.
  • We are, simply put, some of the best at what we do in the nation. And you get that experience at the local level.
  • We are NOT in the business of being everything to everyone. If there is something you want done, and we are not the BEST suited to do the job, we will work directly with another provider to make sure it is done right in a seamless manner so you can focus on your business instead of navigating multiple service providers.
  • Because we use a combination of open source software, third party tools, and programs we designed in-house, we can provide services at a fraction of the cost of our competitors, and even offer financing for larger orders.


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